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What We Do

We find and expose the Current Cyber Security Threats
and suggest ways to overcome them.

Current Active Threats

The Current 'up to the minute' Cyber Threats we are facing and dealing with.

Cyber Solutions

From Cyber Authorities best practices for mitigating damage done by Cyber Threats

Intrusion Prevention.

Best Practices for preventing cyber dangers and ransomware.

About Cyber-Security Cafe

Cyber Security Cafe is a private public service and offers no goods or services other than posting the current cyber threats we are facing and what we can do to prevent us from being affected and if we are, what we can do to correct the problems and to avoid intrusions in the future.

So... Sit down and have a cuppa-coffee and enjoy reading and learning how to protect yourself and others.

  • Prevention often means not accepting the 'easy' ways.
  • Most of Modern Technology exists in order to obtain your personal data.

Current Threats

Up to the minute reports of the current cyber threats we are facing

Cyber Solutions

What you can do if/when you find your computer network has been compromised.


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